"Here's the deal. We leave Texas in August when the 100 degree heat has about ruined our desire to be outside. We (14-18 golfers) arrive in LaVeta ten hours later and 40 degrees cooler. We golf in our own private slice of heaven, with sparkling streams, deer, fox and other wildlife sharing our space and views of the snow capped Spanish Peaks, greens that appear to be fake they are so smooth, and service from Kelly and the gang that makes us feel special. We go to the Dog bar for refreshments and the best pizza in the Rockies. We go to bed and wake up to the chilly mornings and sunny days and get to repeat the drill for 4 days. It goes by in a flash and we have to go back to reality. 2006 will be our sixth year and we are already planning." - Mike Hopkins, Fort Worth Texas

"We have been coming to Grandote Peaks for 15 years to play golf. I have never had anyone in our group complain about the course or it's condition. The greens are always smooth and receptive and you can't find a better setting to play golf. But what really makes the annual trip a must is the staff at Grandote Peaks. They are very helpful and friendly and make us feel welcome and appreciated. I look forward to the next 15 years!!" - Weldon Shaver, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I first discovered Grandote Peaks in 1988 with a small group of players looking for a new mountain course experience. Our group of 48 players will be returning for our 18th trip to Grandote in June of 2006. The combination of a great layout, beautiful scenery and course condition, and a fantastic staff makes this our number one trip each year. Better try it...you owe yourself..." - Rob Myers Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Since 1994 we have been having such a wonderful time playing as a group. I believe that the golf course is a classic and that all of the players love to play there. The players make their plans one year in advance and everyone looks forward to this. The people make this special. Grandote caters to the golfers. It is something that I look forward to every year. I want to say Thank you for everything you do that makes this experience what it is." - John Staiano

Rocky Mountain Golfer - "...dissected by the Cuchara River and sitting at the foot of the Spanish Peaks, is a really, really good golf course." Complete review.